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    what a difference two days make

    I went on my second ride after work today. It was...awesome. 12 miles in a little over an hour. I now really want a bike computer.

    What I was most surprised about is how little my butt hurt after this ride. My hands felt really good as well. I was able to move them around and was much more relaxed. I realized last ride that I had a deathgrip on the bars. I was even able to take a hand off and practice signaling, without wobbling all over the path.

    Oh yeah, I think I like this.

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    That's good for you. Hands and butt are the most common problems I hear about. I still have trouble with hand numbness every time I go out. It has decreased with time but I still have to take my hands of the bars and shake them out after about 30 minutes of riding. I also still get butt pain, but it comes much later on in the ride. I'm hoping as I continue to lose weight both problems will diminish. You may get a cummulative affect with butt pain. If you ride 5 or 6 days a week, week after week. For awhile there my butt would hurt anytime I sat down.

    If it doesn't hurt, then you're not doing enough of it.

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