Another 53 miles, same course as yesterday on the trail. Today ,we (Gina and fellow SoCal BF'er Mad_One) ran into Condorita at the coast. She did a portion of the return with us. Man, this lady has dropped a good amount of weight (am I allowed to tell?) and is looking good. I didn't recognize her lastweek on the ride by! She pulled the paceline for a bit giving me a much needed break. Her cycling has been improving and if she ever gets back on a roadie, you clydes better LOOKOUT! Better hope she ditches theh rubber ducky when she does, or you guys are really gonna look bad!


Gina and Condorita

Condorita pulling the paceline




Gina's 2 mile pull at 19 mph. She says it was slower but I was dropped then had to big ring it to catch up!

Crossing the river on the wooden bridge