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    First 1/2 Imperial Century

    Yesterday I played hooky from work, and with the kids all at school I had all day to ride. The initial plan to ride 100 km, made it 87 km or 54 miles so I've completed my first Imperial 1/2 century (my god 100 miles is a long way). I did think to go out after and ride the remaining 13KM to complete a full metric century but I felt that defeated the purpose, and the accomplishment wouldn't have felt as good.

    Over all I was in good sprites, but on the 35 Km home my right knee started to hurt and my left foot was burning sore, and I was feeling run down it was harder to keep a good cadence. I'm thinking it was either to do with with not eating enough before and along the way, or just not enough preparation I was trying to add 40km to my longest ride.

    To eat in the morning I had a 1/3 cup oatmeal and I brought 3 slices of 12 grain wholewheat bread with peanut butter, and took a page from fat cyclist and had a jr cheeseburger about 15km before home.

    Things I've learned for next time;
    1. Bring more water (didn't run out but hot water sucks)
    2. Freeze it before you leave. see note above
    3. Actually plan the route, ad hoc is good but a slightly better plan will help psychologically.
    4. Put on more sunscreen. This should have been a no brainier but I usually don't put sunscreen on my legs when I'm walking around, but while on the bike the spot above my knee gets the full sun.

    If you guys have anymore tips I'm all ears (there a bit red too)


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    OOOH an imperial century sounds royal!! I say try a supported ride for charity or something - beautiful rest stops and you know you can make it form one to the other! When my feet hurt - I rest and take off the shores and massgae it helps. Also keep spray sunscreen (45SPFor more) Near your bike. Seeing other riders on the route helps as well.

    Great job!

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    Consider investing in Polar bottles, and fill them with ice. Also, drink something in addition to water - some Gatorade, perhaps.

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