On Sunday, I rode in my favorite charity ride of the year, called the Buffalo Bicycle Classic. It is my favorite group ride, because it has a good mix of different types of bicycle riders, most people are friendly, it is extremely well organized, and the money goes towards college scholarships at the University of Colorado. Education has made a major positive difference in my own, and many of my friends lives, so I think that it is a fantastic cause as well.

I rode the 100-mile route. Here is a link to the route information: http://www.buffalobicycleclassic.com...100-mile-ride/

My Ride Details:
Total Distance:
101.4 miles
Total Time: 5:43 (total time - includes lunch, breaks, etc.)
Average Speed: 17.7 mph (calculated using total time as well)
Average Heart Rate: 144 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate: 167 bpm
Total Calories Burned: 4705 kcal

It was a beautiful, sunny, calm, and warm day (most of the ride in the 60-70 degree range). The last couple of years that I rode this event, it was much cooler, with morning mist and fog, and lots of wind. This year was wonderful. The mountain views were fantastic. My goal for this year was to have fun, talk to some people, stop when I felt like it, and ride hard when I was alone. I stopped when I had to use the restroom or was hungry, or just to stretch, rode with a couple of groups, and talked to some people here and there. I saw two pretty bad bicycle wrecks on this one sharp turn onto another road at the bottom of a hill. Both guys were lucky, and picked their dusty selves and their bikes up out of the sagebrush and rode away. I passed a bunch of people on a few of the bigger hills. I usually get passed by everyone that rides the same speed that I do on the flat-sections, but this year I passed about 5-10 people on each hill that took more than 10 minutes to get up. I was also passed by 10-15 other riders, but I usually get passed by EVERYONE. It felt good not to be the slowest going up hills.

Despite constantly fighting off a cramp in one quad for the last 20 miles, I had no cramps or serious soreness after the ride. My new 2008 Allez road bike (put about 2400 miles on it so far this year, but still new to me) also made a big difference in how much I enjoyed the ride. It was much less harsh over the distance than my old 1988 Trek Aluminum bike was in previous years on the same ride. My hands and shoulders fared a lot better than they did on the old bike. I really like the new bike. Yepper.

Have fun out there!