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    Ride 41 - Cadence on the Silver Comet

    OK - The bee went out again. First off - I ran into a Senior level guy at work. So I rode hard for a while with him. Finally I let him ride off - He said, "Is that all you got?" I said - no but I am gonna let you go. We did between 17 and 20+ for a while. Certainly not working on my cadence! So once I let him go.... I went to Cadence mode. Man that is hard work! It's like a hard spin class... Easy Gear - 90 rpms. And my thighs are feeling it.

    I rode about 15 miles to meet a friend and she rode back with me a bit. We also met up with another Group ride buddy - so it was a nice a casual ride on the way back, though i infected them with my cadence riding...and we all tried it.

    Trip Distance 30.01
    Ride Time 2:06:02
    Avg Speed 14.20
    Max 24.7
    Cad Avg 79
    Cad Max 135 (Doubtful)
    Avg Pulse 142
    Max pulse 177
    Calorie 1348 (probably not 100% correct but say between 800 -1300 I will take it! and I had chipotle for dinner....not the best choice but I ride in the morning again - and well I felt like it.

    I thought about stopping these posts... but on the other hand - I will be riding now only on Fri-Sun and will therefore post less...can you imagine Ride 80??? And perhaps a skinny picture too! So perhaps I will keep on reporting in. I think it helps me. I really do!

    OK - off to bed so I can get up and do the hilly 38 miler tomorrow. That was the one where i had to get off the bike - sit on the side of the road and figure out if I was ok... so tomorrow is my 3rd ride on the Loop....and I plan to make it around - not win any cadence or speed records. Just do my own thing...bring a cue sheet- and let people pass me....should be fun!

    OK - Go for a ride and report in!
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