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    Victory for cyclists in KC

    Here's the link for the full story,

    A brief description -

    Mr. Bondon was found guilty of attempted assault with the judge describing it as classic road rage. He escalated a minor exchange into a terrifying confrontation that required police involvement.

    The penalties prescribed by the judge include: ninety day sentence with two days served in jail, two years probation and an anger management class. Mr. Bondon is presently free on bond.

    Summary of the trial proceeding: Defense claims that the cyclists hit the Bondon Hummer with a water bottle and yelled profanities at him for turning in front of them.

    Bicyclists Matt and Richard assert that they did nothing aggressive beyond the comment of "you couldn't wait ten seconds" before turning. From this the stories converge to the point of the Hummer being driven across the yard to intercept the riders and a confrontation taking place. Bondon claims no bumping of the cyclists or physical attack took place. Richard and Rachel made it clear they thought that a possible life or death situation was taking place, initially believing that Mr. Bondon was carrying a handgun.

    The judge felt that he needed to send a message to Mr. Bondon who he said obviously feels he did no wrong. He made mention of Mr. Bondon's high profile as former Jackson County Sports Authority Chairman.

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    Good for the cycling community in that area.

    I am from North of Kansas City and wish there were more places to ride in the area when we visit family. I am amazed at how much more cycling friendly Iowa (the Des Moines/Ames area anyway) is than KC. And KC is huge in comparison!
    Without going deep into the city, I can't find anywhere to take the family for a longer ride except roads. And my son is just not old enough, yet.
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    What the combination of:
    Shoulders that are either narrow, non-existant, or covered in broken glass and bits of metal
    Complete lack of any bike trails that go anywhere
    A "Bike Lane" on Barry Road that is 1/2 mile long, and includes 5 different very busy business turnouts and an 8 lane wide intersection and ends at an interstate highway
    The incredible smell of North Kansas City
    Lack of bike racks ANYWHERE
    4 car bridges that go across the Missouri River, and *one* of them is mostly bikeable, although a pedestrian got killed on it last week, in a hit-and-run.

    The only thing that makes bicycling here tolerable is that most people are really really nice about giving me space and paying attention.

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