I've been hunting for a new saddle for a while. I know saddles are different, and advice I have for others is of limited value. That said, I've got to say, the Selle Anatomica saddle is so wonderful! I've been riding 70+ mile days every weekend for a bit now, and the saddles I've used (Selle San Marco Era Luxe, Selle Italia Prolink Gel Flow, and on and on and on) all hurt before 50 miles, most before 30. I'd been riding the Selle Anatomica earlier, but just couldn't get used to it, it kept hurting my knee.

Anyway, I spent like 3 hours friday messing with the 5 saddles in my house, and the SSM had been the long running favorite, but without some kind of a slot in the middle, there was some unpleasant pressure, and around 40-50 miles my ass started to hurt like hell.

Anyway, I finally figured out how to get the Selle Anatomica just right, and it's heaven. The trick is (a) get it absolutely level, because of it's hammockiness any variation here is kinda unpleasant, (b) tighten it too much and then loosen the saddle just until the saddle doesn't dig into your thighs when pedaling sitting fully down on the saddle, (c) adjust it front/back so that you sit squarely in the middle, sitting towards the back like you would on a brooks is miserable, (d) when riding sit fully down on the seat, don't do that thing where you try to hold a bit of your weight on your legs.

This combination is just awesome. Rode 70 miles yesterday, no butt pain at all. I can't think of any other saddle, brooks, terry, SI, SSM, or any of the others I've owned that feel that good after this long in the saddle.

While I'm not paid to make a post like this like the powertap poster yesterday obviously was, I could see how you would think I am. Just so happy to ride 70+ miles with no pain (legs are a different issue after that long with only a 48x17 gear).