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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Well I got tired of waiting for a new job that was not shift work and I joined the gym. They have a bunch of spin bikes there that we can freely use we class is not in session. What I am looking for is some ideas that people use when they spin. I am looking for no longer then 1 hour of time on the bike with up to a 6 day routine. Thanks.
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My advice is to go to the spin classes, if you can make it. Riding on a stationary bike is SO, SO, SO boring to me. I hate it. At first I found the spin classes intimidating and...silly, but I see and get to know the same group of people at least a few times every week, and all of those things that they make you do together as a group during the classes makes the activity a lot less monotonous.

First off, it does not have to be as hard a workout as many people think. You are the one that controls how much pressure is on the pedals, how fast you go, etc. Nearly everyone that I know that is a regular to winter spin classes does not do EVERYTHING that they tell you to do. Some people have bad knees or backs, others can't go that hard for 10+ minutes at a shot, some people like me have no rhythm, etc. You do what you can. You are just there to get a good workout, and not be bored to tears.

The second largest reason that people won't try it, is because of the dork factor. There is just no way in hell that you can remain "manly" and "cool" during spin class. Just about everyone on earth looks dorky in bike shorts to me, so I just don't see the big deal in worrying about it. Also, everyone else in there is working too damn hard to pay attention to even bother looking at anybody else.

The last thing that I will say, is that you WILL work out a lot harder with the group than you do alone. Most spin classes are really interval training, and it WILL kick your butt. I work out a lot harder in spin class, than I do on a stationary bike and alone. I just DON'T consistently ride hard enough while being bored out of my mind and riding alone on an indoor trainer.

I say, take the classes.

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Hey my advice for what it's worth - go to and download some icycle recordings. Listen while you workout. I have used it mostly for the treadmill and it's the hardest 40 minutes I have ever done...
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If you're looking for music to work out (spin) and have an MP3 player you might want to go here and download some free mixes

He has both fixed and variable beat music to work out to.
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If you are already working out in a spin class, then I say go to the classes. It is enough like cross training to make it more fun. You stand a lot more than you do when riding outside, and it is not boring.
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We don't have any spin classes..yet!!! I am working on that.

I kick my own butt, because I use my heart rate monitor and I do interval training on my roller setup. I also will do long rides on my rollers. You can do the same thing on a spin bike and not do the spinning classes. If we had the classes, I would probably attend. But, I will probably have to go become a trainer and then get some people to donate the money for the bikes before our YMCA will have them. It really takes a lot of volunteers to keep a non-profit operating.
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I'm in the minority, here.
I love the LifeCycle stationary bikes...Random setting is my favorite with hills and flats (to allow a little recovery time.)
I bike 30 minutes before i hit the weights....Other days, it's one full hour when it's just biking only.
Up tempo music keeps me going (100bpm or more) and i vary the bikes intensity day it may be 8..the next 10 and then 12(the hardest).
The trick for me is to never let the rpm drop below 100....It becomes harder to do when the intensity is on 12.
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