I took up biking in August after a 12 year hiatus. In June I weighed 283 pounds at 5 11" . I have been hiking for years in the greenbelt (Barton Creek in Austin) along with my dog and watching the mountain bikers ride the trails that I remember cutting as a teenager. The hiking never seemed to do more than give me energy and prevent weight gain. I started Atkins on June 24th and down to around 265 in August. I wanted to add a more strenuous exercise than hiking to the mix and decided to get my old 1992 GT Avalanche that I bought when I was 15 back up and running and start tooling around the neighborhood. After buying a crap ton of tools, cabling, tires and such I finally got it back up and running. A few weeks later I saw an ad on craigslist for a 1997 GT LTS-1 for $275 and I pulled that trigger. A week after that I bought a trailer to take my two year old daughter along with me and give my wife some peace for a couple hours at a time. After reaching 235 lbs last week and getting the waist size down to 36 starting 44-46 I rewarded myself and with a 2008 Fuji Roubaix Pro to try my hand at the road. I have found that road is good too! However, I'm getting a little tired of riding alone so I was wondering if there were any other clydes in the Austin area that would like a workout partner...... Either Road Biking or Mountain biking would be fine. I live and grew up in SW Austin practically on the greenbelt. I know my way around it, I'm just not very good mountain biking anymore.