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Thread: Popsicle Toes

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    Popsicle Toes

    Sorry about the thread title- I was thinking of calling it "I Like Big Booties" but...

    So I'm once again shopping for shoe covers- I split another zipper on a set that I'd worn 5 times. It's not like my feet are that big... I wear size 13 Adidas El Moro "mountain" shoes for just about all of my riding. They're fine and they fit my feet (which are narrow- "B" width), but with winter coming my toes are just frozen on any good riding day. It doesn't help that I have poor circulation (probably congenital) so any kind of insulation is helpful.

    So far the graveyard includes:
    Hind neoprene, size XL (velcro won't stay closed)
    Showers Pass, size XL (too tight, sole is tearing)
    Spa Sport neoprene, size XXL (zipper split)

    I've tried Pearl Izumi Cyclone, size XL covers (couldn't get them past my toes) and Performance neoprene in size 13 (which didn't fit) at the local Performance store. I ended up buying some Illuminite covers , which just barely fit, but are constructed so that the zipper doesn't take much stress. They're pretty thin, so I'd like to find a set that's got some more insulation.
    (Later I found that their neoprene covers come in size 14- I'll order them and see what happens.)

    I've ordered Louis Garneau Stopzone and X-Warmer covers from Team Estrogen- I don't know why they list 'em, but I'd like to meet the woman with feet as big as mine!. I have a friend who works there- if they don't work, I'll send 'em back.

    So... are there any manufacturers I haven't tried? I'd hate to end up with frostbitten toes just because I'm too stubborn to give up riding.
    Jeff Wills

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    The Canuck equivalent of REI is MEC. They make have some pretty good product and you may want to try these

    Keep in mind the exchange rate will lower the price for you and you'd be better off ordering the size 14-15 as I'm a 12 and found the 12-13 a touch tight.

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    Not covers but... My toes would get a tingling after about an hour once the temp got to 37, 38F. I was in Eastern Mt. Sports looking for something else when I spotted poly toe covers. The only markings on the packaging was gator which I took for the name of the manufacturer. I slipped them on over my sox & rode for just over an hour Sunday. Temp was 35 when I started & 31 when I got home. No tingyl toes! With cotton sox.
    I wore them in my shoes for a day to see how they would feel. Didn't notice them. I figure they've extended my riding season quite a bit.

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