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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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I'm a Cyclist!
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The Bee Goes to the Chicago Jingle Bell Run

OK brrrrr... a few weeks ago I decided I was a runner (and a cyclist!)... So today was my first road race in a year or so... the Jingle Jog. Sorry no pics. But I did wear large bells on my sneakers and a santa hat the had a red swirling thingy on top wth a white poof ball and bells. Anyway went for my longest run in quite a while...5k. I missed the bike riding this weekend at home in Atlanta but was quite proud I made it in the 17-20 degree weather and ran the whole time!
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Triathlon in my future???
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Great job!!!!!
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Originally Posted by flip18436572 View Post
Great job!!!!!
Great job for sure!------But pics of sneaker bells and swirling hat thingys would have been neat---
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Running... Excellent! I am very impressed. I completely stink at running. I can ride a centrury with reasonable ease, but can't run a mile

I've heard over and over again how cross training will improve both of your activities. Running is also supposed to be excellent in helping to stengthen bones. The only down side of cycling is that your bones don't get any pounding so a lot of cycling only riders have weaker bones than one would expect from a physically active person. I know I should do some running, but have absolutely no technique. Some of the local cycling club members got togther this past weekend to start running. Sadly I had way too much studying to do so I just could not justify more time away from my family. I have to find out when they are getting together again the next time and see if I can join them. They welcome beginners and I could definitely use some help from more experienced runner.

Enjoy the "lovely" weather outside,
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Good job! What was your time for the 5k OP?

From my experience, running gives cyclists a higher pain threshold and better cardio and makes you appreciate your bike even more. Cycling gives runners nothing. Again, that's just in my experience.
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I have been racing competitively for about 15 months. I started with walking and I am slowly mixing in running. I still enter some races strictly in the walking division to keep walking, but some races I run for a while and then walk. The issue of course is that the transition and recovery time can actually lead to slower times while transitioning, but eventually i'll be able to run 5k.

My best walking 5k is 42 minutes.
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Good job missbumble. I started doing some running around a month ago. My reasoning was I wanted to be able to enter some of the fun runs and also an option for cross-training in the winter. There are times I can get a workout in running when I wouldnt' be able to ride.

I also didn't want to be one of those cyclists that can ride all day and not be able to run across the street. I also disagree about cycling not crossing over to running. The first time I ran/walked for about 20 minutes and I covered around 1.75 miles. This is without having run for the past two years. Considering, how far I had run on previous "first runs' this was fine. Also, when I finished I felt like I could have keep going. My legs were sore the next couple of days, but that was do to the new muscles and pounding on the legs. I now run an hour at a time. This level of endurance came from my riding the bike. I can't run more then two consecative days at this time, because on the third day may legs are tired and feel heavy so I ride on those days. During the winter my rides have been limited to an hour in length so whether I ride or run I get an hour of exercise.
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I'm a Cyclist!
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Hey guys thanks so much for the support! I checked the stats and i came in in the middle of the field for my age group. The neat thing was i had not run 3 miles straight before so it was good that i did not stop. I figure I can only go up from here...

Time: 35.20
Pace 11:20 min per mile
Overall Place: 350/555
My division 11/22

In the gym I run/walk for an hour and sometimes do sprint intervals at 8:35 min/mile. Yowza! Miss Speedy Gonzalez...I also go up an incline for some intervals...but have only run straight dfor sya 2 miels. I figured if I slowed my pace to over 11 mintues I could easily run 3 miles... So during the week I do a workout on the treadmill for 60 minutes...and when I jog it's at about 11:30 min/mile on avg...I just end up fast walking some of it until I work my way up.

There are also 8Ks in Chciago this winter..that may be fun - or maybe I will look into something more civilized like a run in Atlanta.

NO sag stops - just a little water station..Our stops are more fun. But here I got to throw down my cup of water after i drank it..WOO HOO! Also got a cool long sleeve running shirt in a Medium..can ya believe it. I was a regular medium.
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