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Thread: Good Dog!

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    Good Dog!

    Well, I talked myself out the door for a ride around 11 am this morning. I've been trying to get in as many rides as I can in between bouts of snow and ice. Fortunately, it's been insanely warm in this part of Sweden for this time of the year. It was 37 F, very gray, but thankfully not raining.

    I decided I want a bit more distance than my 13 mile loop that I use as my absolute minimum exercise loop, but wasn't sure if me (or the husky) was up to the 20 mile loop. So, I just added an extension. Or rather, I was in the process of adding some distance by going down along another road. I stopped to sip some water and offer some to the dog, when I noticed Loke was looking curiously at my right tire ('bent tadpole trike). It was that adorable 'ears up and tilting the head back and forth' thing that all dogs and cats do when they hear an odd sound. I leaned in and looked closer and could actually see air bubbling out of the rubber in several spots and a faint hissing sound.

    I dug out my pump to give myself a bit more air to make it home since it wasn't a fast leak. Pump was broken.

    So, there was no help for it. I turned around and rushed for home. I made it. I wasn't quite riding the rim when I got back, but not far off. If it hadn't been for my dog, I wouldn't have noticed the leak until too late.

    I guess that's another reason to take the dog with me. Early warning system for leaks.

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    Hehehe, nice.

    My dog just licks the water and leaves off my mudflaps when I come home from a rainy ride.
    "I feel like my world was classier before I found cyclocross."
    - Mandi M.

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    I usually get this view while trying to stretch before my tongue bath...

    "Today me will live in the moment, unless it's unpleasant, then me will eat cookie." -Cookie Monster

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