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    Shimano RS10 Wheelset...


    My Specialized Sequoia Comp came with the Shimano RS10
    wheel set.

    That's 16 spokes on the front and 20 on the rear for hauling
    my 200+ lbs around.

    My LBS poo-pooed my fear of broken spokes.

    In defense of the wheels, I took a pretty good shot at a
    curb while trying to find a toe-clip shortly after getting
    the bike and the only damage to the wheel was that it
    got slightly knocked out of true. A couple of my ribs
    faired a bit worse.

    Anyone else have any experience with these wheels one
    way or the other?



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    Never had the wheels but I'mnot a fan of any low spoke count wheels, especially stock wheels. What I do is have them retensioned after a breakin period (300 miles) hoping they last longer with proper tension. Haven't had a set of low counts last longer than 10 months in my case. I use them as long as I can but usually have a replacement before it happens.

    Several big guys claim to have used ow counts for years with no problems. Of course most of which ride 100 miles a year! Some exceptions but not many!

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