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    First real commute, over 1000 miles and a question

    I did my first full commute this morning. I have done shortened versions before, but was hesitant to to the full route due to weight of my gear (20 pounds or so) and the scary road I have to take to cross the interstate.

    I figured it was time to suck it up and do it. When I started this morning it was about 35 degrees and all downhill. With the windchill it was VERY cold.

    The ride home was 70 degrees and uphill. I figured the extra weight from my pack is a good training device.

    With the ride I have ridden more 1009 miles since I started tracking on Sept. 26, 2008. Iam pretty happy with that figure, but it should be going up as I continue to do longer rides.

    And Lastly I have a question. Do you all have a method for deciding when to get a tune up? Do you get it done every X miles? Do you wait until something pops up? Or do you have it done every X months?

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    Congrats on the first full commute, and hitting the 1000 mile mark.

    I took one of my bikes in at three months (they would honor warranty work, if tuned up within 90 days), but that three months was over 1000 miles.

    I do minor adjustments, clean the drive-train, and true wheels (poorly) when needed.
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    I clean/lube my chain at least every 2 weeks. Every week if it's wet. (Just finished actually.)
    Replace tires as they wear out (you can see the rubber gone down the middle...looks like the tire's splitting in half). Been averaging probably about 7 tires a year (5-rear, 2-front) or so.
    Overall clean the bike when I clean/lube the chain (don't forget to clean the rims after degreasing the chain!)
    True wheels as I see them out of true.
    Replace the chain 3-4 times a year (I rode 9,000+ miles last year).
    Replace the sprockets/cassette once a year if necessary.
    So far, I've been going through one set of pedals per year as well.
    Replace handlebar tape as needed.
    Replace derailleur cables twice per year, brake cables once.
    Replace brake pads 2-3 times per year. Usually before a target event.
    Replace cleats 2-3 times a year after checking for wear.

    Golly...this is an expensive sport

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