After what seemed like a fortnight, or at least a long two weeks, the ice finally broke on Sunday and it hit 51 degrees, perfect for riding downtown.

Near Hampden. Baltimore Streetcar Museum ( The docents dress up in period costume and give you a ride on the 1/4 mile turnaround as many times as you want for the price of admission.
Obligatory bike picture. Check out the new VO Model 7 sprung saddle. Springy.
Inner Harbor. Made it to Camden Yards.
The LHT at the Babe Ruth statue.
"In the shadow of Ruth" (...get it?)
The Bromo Tower, now leasing art studios.
M&T Bank Stadium where the Ravens play.
Top tube view of the USS Constitution, the last (?) surviving iron hulled warship from the Civil War. Behind that is the World Trade Center (the other one). Tallest five-sided building in the US.
Mount Vernon. Velocipede Bike Co-op. Good folks (
Mount Vernon. Penn Station. Huge aluminum statue in front of station that almost no one likes and are not shy to say so. Looking from the North/South it's a male silhouette, from the east/west it's female. In the area of the heart is an alternating blue/purple light that is visible from a ways away.
Streetcar at BSM awaiting restoration. Brushes in the undercarriage on the left side suggest it was a streetsweeper.
Hampden Baptist Church. What Would Noah Do? Two other churches next door and across the street used to compete for wittiest marquee.

It was a great day for a ride.