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    Back on the Wagon

    Winter has been long, cold, and ... long here in Indiana this year. Mrs. Zoxe and I pedaled away the winter months on a wii fit that santa brought, and on the trusty exercise bike. But the last several weeks have had me feeling very blah.

    After taking off the little weight I gained over Christmas, I stalled AGAIN at 263. This is the same spot I stalled at last fall before the snow started flying. I tried more exercize. Less eating. More water. Less Coffee. More tea. LESS cardio, more stretching, and more water. etc. etc. and as the weeks rolled on, the bathroom scale stayed pegged, and my enthusiasm waned.

    The blah's continued, and I found that I could maintain my weight and do next to zero daily exercize. Bad news.

    A couple things happened:
    1. Warm weather! Hooray! Got out and rode our old route last night. Felt great.
    2. Doctor's office visit. Bloodwork came yesterday in the mail. Instead of being on the high side with my blood pressure, high glucose, and high cholesterol, all my numbers came in FINE. In other words, I may have stalled my weight, but there's other "hidden" benefits to what I'm doing.

    So here's hoping the weather holds and that I can break under 260 in the next week or two.

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    Good news indeed Hope the weather gets you out more and that the lbs fall off! which they will if you cycing regularly
    October miles=18/100

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