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    Giant Bike..any good? advice gladly accepted

    is this one any good seems too cheap to be true
    6 ft 10ins

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    Its baicly Giant's entry level Cypress. The componets were the same that was on my Nomad. A step up from a Mart Store, but not the best either.

    Its if fits, get it. Allot of folks like their Cypress. I've rode them and think they are a great hybrid.

    At 6'10", its going to be tuff fitting you though!

    Plan on getting allot of, "if you just put more money with it then you can get.." And more money will get you more bike. But its a first bike and I'm sure if you like it, you will upgrade later to a better/more expensive one. My Nomad was $250 on sale.

    You can get allot better bike used with that $200. But you need to know what you are looking for and wait till what you find is for sale. A friend would help out also.

    I'll be needing that for squirels and such....

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    It's 175, which is $257. I think he's in Britain.

    How much do you plan to ride? If you're not sure, then this is a good start. Rather than upgrade it, if you want a better bike later (because you're riding a lot or because your needs increase), keep it as a spare or a junker. It's handy to have two bikes or more.

    Be sure to overinflate the tires by 20% or 30% because of your weight. Get a floor pump to make pumping and measuring pressure convenient.
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