HEY -Since my century 3 weeks ago I have had a nasty cough and been off the bike. Today I went out on our rails to trail - Silver Comet and did an easy ride with my neghbor. It was glorious. First ride with new Cateye V3. I loved having all the numbers again. I had dental surgery Friday - so really was not suppposed to ride too far - so anyhoo... Here are the numbers.

Oh and after a rest stop we rode 2 miles when I realized I left my helmut at the rest stop! ANyhoo my friend rode back and got it.... I lose the cell phone all the time and wonder where it is when I am talking on it.... I must be getting old.

AVG Speed 13.7
AVH hr 140
Mileage: 24.22
Avg cadence 82
Time: 1:45.50
Calorie 745 (Though you don't eneter weight in this computer so not very accurate..but since 1 weigh 173 - I imagine it is calibrated for around that weight .... maybe?)

OK off to go watch the Roswell Criterium in anearby town... should be great!