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    Complete n00b here...

    Hey folks,

    I'm a pretty big guy. 6'2" and a bit shy of 400lbs... Yup, i know!!!

    Anyways, my buddy keeps bugging me to come biking with him, cuz he knows i'd enjoy it, and to be honest, I know I would too... Problem is there are no decent bike shops anywhere even close to where I live and I haven't a clue what to buy. I've searched the net for ideas, but keep getting different answers, so I thought i'd come here for the definitive!

    Is there a bike out there for me? And if so, what is it?

    Sorry if there's a "How to buy a bike for fat folks" guide somewhere and i've missed it, but I'm sure you folks will be loving in your reply!!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eightlab View Post

    What's an über clyde?
    A larger clyde. Clydesdale is a fairsized category, going from 200 pounds to infinity, and requirements for a 300+ pound clyde and a 205 pound clyde will be somewhat different. I'm not sure there's a proper delineation or anything.

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