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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Well this just blows - and wheezes - and whoops

Here I was excited to get back on the bike after winter. Had a great Feb. in regards to weather, got out there and logged a couple hundred miles. Then March hit with nasty weather, but still got out there some. April starts with being sick with bronchitis for 2.5 weeks. Finally get over that, start riding, improving and BAM!!! I have whooping cough now!

Anyone else ever feel like life is just conspiring to keep you off your bike?
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Not I. I have been lucky when it comes to not getting sick. (Knock on wood) However, I do know the feeling...
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I can relate. Work is what does it for me though. I guess I should be happy I'm not sick!
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Twice in one year. Last year I was on track with my riding, monthly increases were happening, the legs were turning into concrete post and the lungs were not feeling any pain.....then the bronchitis hit and then turned into full blown pneumonia in the left lung. I was down for 8 weeks (mid july through mid Sept).

Finally got it all back and was building it all up again. Got all outfitted for the winter and the weather was letting me ride through December and into January. I got cocky and decided to buy myself a new 29r mountain bike and really kick the riding into gear (so to speak). Had the new bike one week, had a very serious clipless fall off of a bridge about 8ft high and broke two ribs and was off the bike another 8 weeks.

Got back on the bike about mid March and have logged about 500 miles and am back better than ever and am scared to death about the next DIP
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In late January, just when I was recovering from the holidays and getting my pre-holiday distances back, I was in an auto accident and ended up with a bad whiplash that made it difficult to ride for at least a month.

Just got past that and started upping distance and herniated a disc in my lower back in mid-March. Tried riding the next day (not a good idea) and was able to start riding, not far, after a week of therapy. It was a month before I was able to start working toward longer rides.

Then came a nasty cold that had me in bed for over a week. Now, almost 4 weeks since the cold hit, I'm still feeling its effects and not able to do much distance. I am dedicated to commuting through it but haven't done a decent road ride for a month.

Hoping I've got all of this out of the way and will be able to get my road bike out and start logging some miles by the end of the month.

So, yeah, I can relate.
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I can relate, the dips and peaks have been a real roller coaster.

'06 herniated 2 cervical discs + pneumonia off the bike for many months.

Pretty much stopped most MTBing (maybe too many trips over handlebars for my age nr 50) and shifted more to road.

Despite a bronchitis sinusitis here and there, got my distance up to where I thought I could handle my 13 mile each way commute with severe hills.

08 Preparing for a sprint triathlon, really peaking, had a scare with tachycardia. Medication didn't quite agree -- more asthma and whatnot. Backed off from all high intensity cycling and kept it to family speed.

Surf season took over (can;t complain about that!) and that's my fault for not keeping it up on the bike.

Then got real busy with work. Then Bronchitis in October 08, then pericarditis, winter sucked, sinusitis, more pericarditis, Plus more work, and even less time on bike. (Some of this I credit to the damn toxic dust I inhaled working downtown Manhattan during 9/11... it's been respiratory suckiness ever since 9-11)

Ice skated my way to recovery for the rest of the winter. Then hit with another round or two of colds and sinusitis. Then even more work. Riding time took a real hit the last 8 months

Just getting back into it again.

The peaks are scary as they have been too often accompanied by a major decline, so will go a little easier with the peaks.
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creaky old bones
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*groan* I feel your pain. I've never had pertussis (aka whooping cough) but I've had plenty of go-rounds with bronchitis and associated sequelae.....walking pneumonia, for one.

I got bronchitis/respiratory infections just about every winter from 99 thru 04....probably in part b/c I worked in health care. In 2000 that episode morphed into a rather crummy case of walking pneumonia, which lasted a good 2-3 months or so. Of course I kept right on working, which didnt help things much. Probably extended the recovery by a month and a half, though

In 2002, no sooner than I had gotten over that winter's round of bronchitis I had a minor tip-over on my bike - no damage to the bike, but I got pitched chest first into the ground and apparently broke the tip of my know, that little 'false' rib we all got? Nothing like having a coughing fit with THAT!

I've been doing better the last several years, but no doubt it'll happen again one of these seasons too....hope u feel better soon!

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Well, you know what they say about complaining cuz there's always someone else who has it worse. After hearing these I don't feel quite so sorry for myself! Thanks for helping put it in perspective.
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