I have been riding a Fizik Arione for quite awhile. It was fairly comfortable when I was riding in a group pushing hard. However, I took a little hiatus from riding for awhile, and when I got back on the bike I could not find a comfortable spot on the saddle no matter how I adjusted it.

I had been toying with getting a Brooks for some time, mainly due to comments and suggestions off this forum and the long distance forum. My main concern, and question that I could not find the answer to, was how do Brooks' widths compare to my Fizik (I have fairly narrow sit bones)? Based on the descriptions on the Brooks website I decided to go with the B17 Narrow because I tend to have an aggressive style and was concerned that the standard B17 would be too wide at 170mm.

I put the new saddle on my bike as soon as it arrived and have a few rides on it so far. I have to agree with most people on here that I have never felt more comfortable on a bike than when I am on my Brooks. The Narrow seems to be just the right width. I can get down into the drops without any problems, but still have something comfortable to sit on when I am spinning up hills.

It is now much easier to get back on the bike and start getting in shape again.