Hello there, Marty from So Cal. I'm 39 and at nearly 300 lbs. I am getting back into cycling for the first time in over 10 years and an ill advised mtb purchase. I am build a Specialized Allez Pro frame. I will be using a Thomson post with a Koobi Au Enduro seat and Thomson stem with Ritchey Logic II bars. I'm looking for advise on components and wheels. I like the SRAM Force I guess mainly cause it looks cool, or the Shimano Ultegra SL, is one better suited for Clydes? By the wat I plan on running a compact crank 172.5 50/34.

I have done alot of research on wheels but am still confused, should I go with a Mavic CXP 33 or something from Velocity? What is the best spoke count 36 in rear and 32 up front or can I run lower in front? Are the bladed type spokes the strongest for Clydes? What about wheels hubs? Chris King, Velocity, White Ind or something else?

My goal is to work up to century rides and do fun and charitable rides and use cycling as a means to help get me healthier so I'll be around for my kids. I appreciate any and all input.