Hey all!

So last week, after a fairly long battle with bronchitis, my friends and I did 52.7 miles of the 62 mile route of the 2009 Elephant Rock course... in order to get ourselves ready for the June 7 event.

24.2 miles of steady uphill and 20-30 mile an hour headwinds made for a long couple of starting hours. But I'm so glad we did it! I think I lost a gallon of phlegm and kept up pretty good with the group!

Can't wait for June 7!

Now the shamless plug...

I'm riding my first ever charity ride - the Courage Classic Colorado - to help raise money for the Colorado Children's Hospital. I'm a father of 2 wonderful, healthy, happy boys. I could never imagine needing the help of these wonderful people, but If I ever did - I'd want them to have the money they need to help my boys. On the flipside... even though I don't need them now... other families do, so this is the least I can do to help!

Think about going to my personal Courage Page and making a small donation.

Thanks for reading!

Hope to meet some great people at these rides!