So Trek has a nice program going on, so I went ahead and jumped. A few weeks ago, I purchased a Trek 2.1. I'm a commuter and it's proven to be a little difficult (especially compared to my racked and pannier'd 7.3FX). But alas, after getting a new seat and some saddle time, I've had quite the blast with it. I picked up a new backpack from (Keen pack for ~$30). It's perfect (it's white/grey too, so the sun doesn't hurt as bad).

Since getting the new bike, I've already dropped around 12lbs. I had kinda gotten lazy this winter. Didn't even work the gym much. Feelin awesome now.

I also had a blast last week helping people at work start to ride their bikes (bike to work week and all).

Anyway... I'll post pictures when I get some decent ones. It looks pretty stock right now. Just a new seat, seatpack, computer and pedals.