I'm 4 weeks into training for a Half Ironman so I wanted to get a bike ride and run in while I was away on the first weekend of camping. I have land about an hour and a half north of my home that I have a camper on and a friend has his camper next to mine. So we end up camping up there 2-3 times a month in the summer.
This is my first summer I'm actually going to train all summer so I will be doing some long rides up there.
Anyways, I headed out at 10 am, headed south about 2 miles then had to make a chose, turn east or west. The wind was out of the south east so I figured I would rather deal with the wind in the first half then the 2nd. So I turned east and was on my way.
Now mind you I could have gone north from my land but that would have been REALLY REALLY hilly. This was the flattest route I can take.
I went out 14 miles and turned back. My average speed for the first 14 miles was 17.8 mph. Now for some reason the last 2 miles of the first 14 got a lot easier. Well when I turned back I found out why. The wind changed and was coming right out of the west. So now I ended up fighting the head wind for the whole ride.
I was beat, I had not fueled or hydrated for this hard of a ride at all and I thought I was going to pass-out a few times. I just could not believe how hard this was.
I got it done and finished the ride, 28 miles at a 15.2 mph average.
When I got home today I uploaded the garmin info and holy hell. no wonder it was so hard.
Here is the elevation chart.