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    n+1=crash course

    in bike assembly just received the Schwinn Super Sport DBX as my "road" bike. Only spec I see different is a Truvative Elita crank 53/39t(?) instead of the triple.
    I really try not to tinker too much since I'm notorious for stripping, losing, or breaking stuff. Figure I'll put it together enough to limp to the LBS and have them give it a once over. To do:
    Attach - handlebars, stem, pedals, carbon seatpost, cable to extra brake levers on top (name?), cable to FD, cable to front brake. Adjust brakes and derailleurs. Doesn't sound to bad listing it out like this but the extra brake levers aren't pictured in the BM&R book and I may have to do some cutting and crimping as well.

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    ...sit in a spot where if you drop something you won't loose it forever... pick a spot with good light...

    when you start threading a bolt don't put much pressure into it... thats how you crossthread things... don't over tighten things... if you've got a tourqe wrench use it (especialy with carbon parts)

    take your time... if you are unsure of anything at any given time put the tool down and look into it... is a good place for info.

    that being said... you may want to talk to your LBS... possibly put everything together and have them do a full tune up from there.... bikes are very simple... but sometimes they are touchy/finicky on setup... you want things to be right... nothing is more frustrating then your bike giving you issues 1/2 way though a ride... I can't even imagine how it would be if I didn't know how to rig it to work :-/

    that being said... nice looking bike... bet it makes a great clyd road bike
    mtbr clyd moderator

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