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    Little Victories/ Sunday Ride

    The Wife and I made it to SART in Anaheim for the second week in a row. Last week we managed 17.2 miles on a first try with me facing major cramps and having certain hills defeat me. It took 4 days for me to stop hobbling and walk normal. I took the advice from another post here and worked on diet issues while taking Potassium to try and prevent cramps. Also got in some cycling time during the week for once.

    This week, we made 22.2 miles (she made 22.4...just because) with minor cramps that rode out, and without nearly the exhaustion of last week. I could even walk today! The Wife was hit harder and has slept much trying to recover. Photos were at the half way point, where I was trying to not look like I wanted to fall over...;<>!

    While I would have liked to made 25 miles, my better judgement said "Stop while you are ahead and don't over-do it!".
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    Cramps are the result of not enough hydration and loss of vital minerals (as well as overworking the muscles). You NEED to drink more. And what you drink NEEDS to have electrolytes in it.

    You should also keep at your current level (or a few miles less) for a couple of weeks to catch up to yourself.
    Remember, your body isn't used to the work you're asking of it. While the muscles can build strength fairly quickly, the ligaments and tendons take quite a bit before they get stronger. You do not want to injure yourself by doing too much too quickly.

    Eat properly, drink and hydrate properly during the ride and allow yourself time to recover are rules you must follow.
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