Hey all, it has sure been one of those days today. I wanted to strip paint of a rusty old Nishiki so I can repaint it, but my drill with the wire brush is MIA. I tried sanding by hand, but that ain't happening. So figured I'd work on the Mystery Frame (possibly an RRB!) and got stopped at the BB. My remover is to big. No problem, I need a tire anyway, I'll just run up to Sparky's. He'll either sell be one, or pull mine off and order me one. To bad he was closed for Fathers day weekend! So, I go to harbor freight and get a wire brush for my angle grinder. Sweet! Short work of the paint. All in all, I managed to get the frame partially painter,got part of a ride, flatted passing home as I was to do another lap (not today). Got part of the lawn cut, and came to close to mucking up a Super Record crank arm! (make sure the puller is screwed ALL the way in!) On a good note a guy emailed me back about a Schwinn Le Tour for a good priice. I like the old Le Tours, on of the smoothest riding bikes I've ridden. Maybe I can pick it up