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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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So what can I eat???

An acquaintance of mine, is diabetic, has high blood pressure and now high cholesterol, they are ~40. They don't like vegetables (unless swimming in butter or a cheese sauce), and are not a friend to much fruit.

They posed this question, and I pass it on to the experts here, they recently started an exercise program, which includes the use of a bicycle.
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They're gonna have to get used to fruits & veggies, no way around it. I have discovered the frozen veggie department in the grocery store, and I like it. Get a package of them, and a can of soup. Make sure the veggies can be cooked in the microwave, and put half the can of soup in a bowl. Pour the hot veggies over that, and mix it up. If you have cooked rice in the fridge, that helps. Mix it all up, and after the ride it will taste so much better.
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If they are under 40 and have that many health problems yet still don't recognize the importance of fruit, vegetables, and calorie control then I'd say they're screwed.

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Can they just cut back on the butter? Reduce the fried food in exchange?

IF not, hows veggies and ranch to start with?
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You didn't say what they weigh, but I recently got a similar diagnosis from my doctor. He told me I didn't have to cut anything out, but just cut back my calories. If they are overweight, one might suggest that they reduce calorie intake and see what the next doctor visit shows.

I've done that, and I'm making better choices and making every effort to ride 40 minutes or more at least 4 times week. I've lost about 17lbs and I don't feel like I'm dieting at all. Just feeling better and anxious to see what the next round of test results show.

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In 2002 or 2003 I got the same diagnosis. I was 40. My doctor told me I'd never be 50. I lost 100 lbs. and effected a lifestyle change.

Cutting back ain't gonna git r done.

Lifestyle change or loss of life or at best loss of quality of life are the best you can hope for.

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Any frozen vegetables can be easily microwaved in a glass microwave-safe bowl with plate over the top. Don't put any water or anything in it as the frozen state of the veggies provides the perfect amount of water for steam and the plate keeps it in just enough.

I like to do about 2lbs of broccoli as part of our whole family's meal and I like it really soft so I give it 12-15 minutes in our mic, YMMV.

When it's done slide the plate slightly with hot pads and drain out the excess water.

As for the "butter," I never touch the stuff. We use either Flieschman's olive oil spread, or just drizzle a little olive oil, Real Lemon, liquid smoke, and garlic powder then put the plate back on, grab the hot pads and give it a shake or two. Remember to give it a few minuted covered for the flavors to blend!

That's some good eats there!

There's also Ziplock steaming bags with the instruction printed right on em,

Tonight the broccoli was mixed in with skinless chicken breasts and onion sauted with garlic in olive oil, lemon juice, mustard and liquid smoke. when it was cooked I cut the heat and added basil so it only got the residual heat left in the pan.

Basil is an aromatic, not good to bruise the flavor of aromatics.

It was served with whole-grain couscous that was cooked with chicken broth and a complimentary dash of lemon and garlic.

Always make a note of the serving size when making couscous or any other pasta, because it is east to make too much, the eye can be a lousy judge because it can't actually SEE calories. Oh, and whole grain pasta is gonna give you more bang for your caloric buck.

Dinner was uber healthy, and weighed in at around 350 calories per person.
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Frozen veggies are much better than canned, but fresh will trump anything. One way to spruce up a lame dinner of canned green beans is to toss them into a skillet and then add some vinegar based salad dressing on top and heat them up. You got to watch what's in the dressing though. The goal is to add flavor without adding stuff that will make you sick-er.
I hear olive oil is healthy, but for some reason I hold that with a bit of skepticism because it tastes too darn good, especially if you roast garlic with it. maybe it's an 'in moderation' thing.
Garlic, Onion, & peppers are among your flavor-adding friends. You don't need to eat them if you don't like them, but they give their goodness and a bit of zing to other things they're cooked with.
I also hear that your taste buds will change as you get used to your(their) new diet and things will have more flavor than they did. I don't know if this is true as I've not had to drastically alter my diet yet. I have cut way back on fried things.

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I didn't start loosing weight until I stopped eating and did hour long cardio workouts at least 4 times a week. Everything I read said this was the wrong approach but for me I have 1 cup of espresso for breakfast, and then eat dinner. I keep reading that I should have a bunch of bite sized meals but that doesn't seem to work for me. I also try to keep dinner kind of modest. I had spinach salad and a sandwich for dinner last night.

I started the year at 228 and am now 214. I need to get down into the 150s somewhere. My shorter term goal is to get to 200 by the end of the year.
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Never adopt a lifestyle to lose weight that you aren't comfortable with maintaining your whole life. Because if you bring back what you removed to lose weight, you will gain it right back.

I'm not willing to give up beer, scotch, ice cream, an occasional greasy slice of pizza or steak. So I don't. I just make the better choice day after day. And if I want a big slice of pizza? Fine. I just have to eat lighter the rest of the day. I food journal everything that goes in my mouth. I count calories. I make sure I get in 5 fruits/veggies, 2 tsp of healthy oils (olive oil or vegetable oil), three dairy servings, a whole grain and a lean protein every single day. In 10 weeks I'm down (as of this morning) 30 pounds.

But you have to really want it and commit to a better lifestyle if it's going to stick. I'm not on a diet. I'm going through a lifestyle change.
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Originally Posted by Rollerdave View Post
Dinner was uber healthy, and weighed in at around 350 calories per person.

Dave, I'm coming over for dinner at your house.
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Yeah, eatign healthy does not have to be agonizing. There are many wasy to spruce up a nice chicken breast or fish.
Steamed veggies are key to my eating. They are chock full of fiber and help you stay fuller loner. Brown rice and whole grain pasta are also my good friends.
And yeah, I still hit the buffet or the Dairy queen once in a while, but if you trat it as an occasional specil treat, there is nothing wrong with it. One day of bad eating out of 10 really does not have any real negative effects, so splurge every once in a while.
I have been doing weight watchers for almost a year, and I will be damned if that is not the best weight loss program there is!!
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Seems to me as though your friends have a bit of a problem with the ole sweet tooth (teeth?).

Anyways, there are plenty of vegetables that are surprisingly sweet and still very good for you. For starters, home grown cherry and grape tomatoes. I can eat those little things like pop-corn. But baby steps is probably the best thing for them. Boiled corn on the cob, no butter, maybe a dash of salt. I'm aware that corn is not the most ideal vegetable but right now we're working on getting them to put vegetables in their mouths that doesn't include nacho cheese. Sweet potatoes are frigin amazing almost any way you cook them and best of all, they almost taste like candy. I like to roast mine over the grill but they microwave well. Just a touch of dark brown sugar will really set them off but I don't know how good that would be for a diabetic. Probably a no-no. Still good just the way nature intended. Raw Beets is a treat thats They are very sweet and provide a delightful crunch. Very low cal and they allow you to get the urge to gnaw on something out of your system. They are tough when raw, turn your fingers red, and mess with the color of your poo but you can't beat them for their vitamin and lycopene content.

Peaches, berries without obnoxious seeds, kiwi, water melon, strawberries, grapes, black golly it's not hard to find great tasting fruit. Maybe you could find out what their favorite fruit pie is then pursue the fruit in the filling.
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Originally Posted by gotls1 View Post
Dave, I'm coming over for dinner at your house.
Oh you ain't heard NOTHING yet!

I haven't described my Mediterranean dish with NSA (No Sugar Added) tomato sauce, chicken, Normandy blend vegetables, and properly portioned whole wheat penne regate.

Or, my Garlic Aioli roasted chicked "breaded" with couscous, or the chicken dish I am currently developing with cinnamon, basil, oregano lemon and hummus.

I make a soup I call "Green" that is a base of chicken broth with pureed broccoli and cauliflower that contains mushrooms, spicy turkey sausage, onion, and zuchini; and another chicken soup with cabbage instead of noodles...

I kinda want to experiment with some healthy chili recipes that don't taste like paste.

If these folk WANT to eat healthy, they are simply going to HAVE to open up to the idea that their previous views on food are simply not working and open up to new view, tasted, attitudes and expectations.

When you find that you've been pointing the wrong way in life, you gotta change course and no matter WHAT obstacles you think are stopping you in the end you gotta get out of your own way if you want to get on the right track.

"But I don't LIKE healthy food" or "It's so much trouble!" or any other BS excuse just don't cut it!

Who decides what you will and will not like? YOU DO! this stuff is a LOT more in your control than you think.

Too much trouble? it is as much trouble as it is, and if it NEEDS to be done, it CANNOT BE "too much." If it is needful, then whatever amount of trouble or effort it is is exactly the right amount so get to it!

All the obstacles are in actuality you yourself, so attack them at the root and the manifestations disappear.

These folks need to experiment with different tastes, flavors, try touching, cooking smelling these ingredients they say they don't like so the can get over their objections to what will possibly save their lives.

Hey, I guess I'm passionate about eating right. Not a bad thing.

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