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    Hollowtech BB for a Clyde Commuter?

    My Tiagra Hollowtech BB is giving up the ghost after some 600 kms of heavy, all weather commuting.

    I have to replace it, but I'd prefer to replace it with something that will hold up under my weight, and regular use in wet/muddy/girtty conditions. Any recommendations? Are DA / XT / XTR cups better? What about other manufacturers?

    Your recommendations are greatly appreciated,

    Nowadays I've got me two good wheels - and I'll seek refuge in aluminum and steel;
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    Check these guys out. No way would I get stuck replacing an entire BB over bad bearings. I still use old cup and cone BB's for that very reason. There is a penalty to be paid in weight, but none of my bikes are feather weights anyways.

    Every cartridge BB I have ever had was a disappointment, and I will never go back.

    Looks like the Shimano can be rebuilt with a little modification, and in the long run, could save mucho $.

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