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    Practice makes perfect

    well my usual 32 mile ride went south today, as I felt that funny wobble we all know as sh-t, I have a flat.
    1. I had my tools, i had a spare tube, i had a patch kit
    2 removed tire,wiggled the gator skins off. removed the piece of dang glass shroud in kevlar
    3. changed the tube (forte cheap tube) and re-assembled all going very well
    4.started to re-inflate tire had the little ring on the tube and the stem sheared at the ring
    5. removed tire swore at tube, recoverd original tube pumped to locate hole or holes.
    6 opened my handy patch kit sanded the punture are and applied glue let it dry.
    7. applied patch.
    while this going on 4 different bike riders offered to help me and one even gave me his spare tube if my patch failed. He,s my hero.
    8. carfully pumped the tire up it seemed to loose air, so i tried again must have been the valve
    hadn't seated.
    9. carefully started the long ride back to the car.
    now the bike tire only had about 80 lbs of air but it felt great almost like the bike had shocks.
    noticed another wobbly feeling about 8 miles later hopped off check tire lost a little air so I added a bit more with my handy hand pump. stil had the spare tube but didn't want to pull that tire off for a third time.
    SO my normal ride takes about 1.5 hours today took almost 3.5 hours. I was dirty and greasymy jersey had grease on it, the bike had hand prints all over the frame. geeze what a mess.
    I finally got back to the car went in the LBS bought 3 conti tubes and a new patch kit.
    I guess if your new to biking be sure you can patch a tube before you need too read the instructions, have back up air if you use co2, and have a patch kit if your new tube fails..
    PSPS thanks to all the people who tried to help me on the road, not one bike rider passed me without offering help, I was on the longer loop the30 plus mile ride so most of the riders where experienced the one guy even worked in a bike shop... It makes me feel good about people, bike riders maybe some of the nicest people I know..
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    When someone stops to offer help, it makes me feel less lonely, and things dont seem so bad, even when I dont need it, So I usually offer to help, when I see someone with bike trouble.

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