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TechKnowGN 05-04-10 01:30 PM

Welcome Rob, and enjoy your first Tri season!

TechKnowGN 05-06-10 11:19 AM

I wanted to share this with the gang. A former NHLer is taking on Ironman Canada as a fundraiser for his Hats for Heroes charity to fight pediatric cancer. I was president of the booster club for the hockey team he played for (Columbus Blue Jackets), and got to know him a little as both a fan and interacting with him on behalf of the club for several years. He's never done a triathlon, and he's partnered with Trek and Blackberry to get this thing done.

Here's the link to the story and foundation he's benefiting and it has all the details. Please consider giving. I don't normally ask people to part with money (except my employer LOL), but since my wife lost her 19 year old cousin to abdominal cancer a few weeks ago, I find it hard not to.

Kamala 05-10-10 01:50 AM

Just finished up my first olympic distance triathlon down in San Diego a few weeks ago. Had an awesome time running around with the Navy SEALs. Highly recommend the SuperSEAL event! Here's my full ride report...

TechKnowGN 05-10-10 05:28 AM

Kamala - Terrific race report and great pics! Way to rock the Fat Cyclist gear!

TechKnowGN 05-10-10 10:15 AM

Well, the first part of my race report is up on my blog. If you're into 40 MPH gusts, a sinking medical boat, and a temporarily missing wife, this race report is for you. The rest of it will be up tonight.

TechKnowGN 05-12-10 08:23 AM

I wound up with a 2:11 sprint time for my first race of the season. About where I was mid-season last year with much worse conditions. It's around 35 minutes over my goal, but based on the race, I'm proud of it. Next race will be better, and I'll be better prepared for the hills.

daffonce 05-15-10 02:00 PM

So I ordered and received my triathlon wetsuit. Thinking the fit of it will motivate me to loose 15-20 lbs. The thing is bloody freaking tight. I am going to go to a little lake tomorrow and try to get into the water and do a little swimming. Will see how that goes. I also signed up for my first 3 tris. The patriot sprint in june, The whaling city sprint in July, and the cranberryfest olympic distance in August. I gotta kick up the training, need to improve my swimming and do some bricks.

daffonce 05-15-10 02:03 PM

Tech congrats man. sounds crazy. so, where do you do your open water swimming?

TechKnowGN 05-15-10 08:04 PM

daffonce - Walden. It's the only place I know so far. The tri team I'm on does some open water stuff somewhere in Somerville I think, but I dunno where yet.

Rach and I are doing Patriot and Cranberry, so we'll definitely meet then if not sooner.

mthayer 05-16-10 01:16 PM

Complete Tri Newbie here.
About me,
Age 28
Height: 5-9
Weight: 260
I decided to do a triathlon to kinda help get me into shape. I already ride, so I am not to concerned with that part. Its the whole swimming and then the run that will get me. I am worried about the training part for the swimming because there is not really a place to train at here where I live. I am planning on doing a mini-sprint or possibly a sprint.
Ok heres the questions,
1) How long should I train/practice before I actually try and do my first tri?
2) I am considering doing one of these two races, which one would ya'll recommend for a beginner.

daffonce 05-16-10 01:21 PM

cool cool. I went on my first open water swim in the suit that i bought. it is a bit tight needed the wifey's help to get into it. i went into the water and it was freaking cold on the face. I just did a 10 minute swim to get used to the suit and being in open water. i will admit i almost jumped out of the water after i saw the first fish swim under me, it startled me. maybe friday I will take a half day and do a decent open water swim as next weekend I am off to VT.

The reason why I asked is because I went to Lake Massapoag in Sharon and swam there. The only catch is that one beach is for sharon residents only, and the other has a $10 walk on fee. The beaches aren't open so today wasn't an issue. i have read on beginnertriathlete that people go to the town beach on sunday morning early and that there isn't an issue. i just want to know my options.

TechKnowGN 05-17-10 12:06 AM

Walden is a good option. Swim at your own risk, 5 dollars to park, open early. That's the only outdoor training we've ever done, other than the ocean beach here in boston, or over at hull.

daffonce 05-23-10 06:08 PM

The training is coming along pretty well. I didn't do the normal 28 mile fitness ride saturday morning. I did 10 with the wife instead, my legs were pretty dead and I was heading to VT for the weekend (last week I swam 2.25 miles, rode 63, and ran 9 miles). So today I got back from VT, a nice relaxing weekend BTW. So I went to the local lake as it isn't officially open yet so I can still swim there. The wife helped me into my wetsuit (it was easier being that I have dropped 9 lbs). I swam a good distance, i used mapmyrun to measure out the distance and I did about 3/4 of a mile. I headed home after chilling on the beach for a bit, chilled out at home for half an hour then headed out for a run. I did 5 miles outdoors (nice to be off the mechanical master, ive been slacking about running outdoors) my average pace was 9:56/mi. I am very excited about this, it is amazing what running on non dead legs will do for you. I was also very pleased with the fact that I made it up all of the hills on the run without much trouble. I ended up walking maybe 0.2 miles of the run, but seeing as how I haven't done a long run in 4 weeks ish doing 5 at that pace was great!!! I am starting to have some confidence that the olympic tri in august won't be an issue. Maybe after that I will begin to train for the half marathon in newport in october, I might just have to do it again, get a better time, and hopefully enjoy it more (i.e. hopefully the weather won't be in the 30s with 30+MPH winds, and pouring rain).

TechKnowGN 05-24-10 06:03 AM

Daffonce - Nice work! 28 mi fitness ride? If you're doing that, your olympic tri in august should be no problem! I've only ridden that much in a single day a few times. In the next 3 months as we ready for Timberman, it's going to have to be a lot more than that LOL.

The wife and I headed out this weekend too. Saturday I did a nice 7 mile pace ride, at least pace for being in the city. Sunday we did as training we did 1000 yards in the pool, 18.5 (very slow) miles on the bike, and 2 mi run. My run was pretty strong, so i was very happy with that. I have a lot of work to do climbing hills though.

daffonce 05-24-10 06:38 AM

Tech there is a group ride on saturday mornings, and another on wednesday at 6PM in needham. They are hosted by Charles River Wheelmen the rides are nice and on a good day you can find slower paced rides. On days like last wednesday I get to head out with guys that average 20+MPH and they kill me in the first 8 miles, then the 2 mile hill climb comes and I am dead, but all in all it makes me a better rider. you should check them out, as the weather becomes nicer more riders seem to come. wednesday night is 25 and 30 miles, on saturdays they do 19, 28, and 42 miles. All the rides are marked and have very little traffic. If you make it out to one i'd be willing to ride it with you so you don't feel like you are going to be lost in the middle of no where if you get dropped by a pack, I know the feeling and it isn't a good one.

That sounds like a good workout. I haven't strung the three together as of yet. I have done a bike ride then hit the road for a run. The first half a mile has always been a bear, but I just push through it and concentrate on keeping a slightly slower pace then normal.

TechKnowGN 05-24-10 08:23 AM

I walk the first little bit, it helps the legs feel normal. We didnt rush this time, there was about 20 minutes "transition" between each part. For short triathlons I dont wear full bike shorts. For the 56 miles, I probably will, then switch back to my tri shorts for the run. We'll see. I might buy a better saddle and that will make more difference than a little Chamoix does.

As for the group ride, that sounds fun. 20 MPH? Id be dropped pretty quickly, within the first half hour probably. But If nothing else it's worth doing. I've heard of the Wheelmen and seen a couple of the old guys who are members that can still cream me on a bike. LOL

daffonce 05-24-10 09:01 AM

I'd go and try it out. Like I said let me know if and when you want to do it. I'll make sure to show up and I will go at your pace get you used to it. Give you a heads up on some of the unwritten stuff and what not. It is usually a pretty good time. There are people there training for triathlons. I accidentally ended up with 3 or 4 of them, thought I was going for a 28 mile ride and ended up on a 42 miler, that was fun.

TechKnowGN 05-24-10 09:44 AM

I bet. 42 miles is longer than Ive ever done in a day. We did 30-something a couple weeks ago.

mrdelprete 06-03-10 11:36 AM

Did my first tri the otherday. Took me 1:29 for a 1/3mile swim, 10 mile bike and 3.1mile run. Not too bad. Doing two more this year, one in Sep and one in OCt.

TechKnowGN 06-04-10 10:28 AM

Mrdelprete - Way to go! That's a lot faster than my first one was. Congrats. Hope you really enjoyed it because that's what it's all about!

TechKnowGN 06-04-10 10:29 AM

Today, I interviewed a former NHL player on his training for Ironman Canada on my blog. It's amazing to hear even guys who spent 10+ years as professional athletes realizing how much work these races really are.

daffonce 06-05-10 07:29 PM

Tech I was checking out your blog and I have to say you inspired me. Friday I ran 4 miles fast, this morning missed the normal morning group ride bc of the storms so I decided to go do some hill climbing. I climbed the great blue hill fire road after riding about 6.5 miles of hills around blue hills. I was pooped so headed on home. I got home had lunch then was thinking about you swimming 2000 yards, my longest ever was about 1600 yards right around new years. So I headed to the Y and started swimming. I admittedly did about half of my swimming with a pull buoy, trying to save my legs for a 40 miler tomorrow. In the end I sucked it up and swam 2000 yards it took me about 50 minutes.

TechKnowGN 06-07-10 11:58 AM

Daffonce - Thanks for the kind words! and nice job on the workout! You did what I did but faster, so way to go! I'm working on all of that stuff a lot this week. My plan is a good long ride into the hills tonight, though I don't exactly know where yet. LOL. I still have to learn my way around town. Im going to head into Arlington/Belmont assuming the weather holds and just get some good solid hill work in.

daffonce 06-07-10 07:45 PM

Tech, I was wondeing where there were some good hills. What part of belmont/arlington. I would like to find some longer steadier climbs. I am determined to keep up with those god damn speedsters on the crw group rides, they drop me going up hills, and not by much. I need to improve gear selection, climbing speed and recovery once over the top.

TechKnowGN 06-08-10 11:46 AM

daffonce - I'll take a look at my Runkeeper logs and get back to you. i dont know the road names off the top of my head.

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