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    This has nothing to do with bicycling. . . .

    but I just wanted to share with a really supportive group of people how sad I am at Ted Kennedy's passing. He is of the age where he could be my father and I think his death has re-triggered some of those feelings that I had when my own parents died. I mean, geez, he's been a fixture for ALL my life. The Kennedy's have been part of the fabric of my personal history. My earliest memory is of JFK's assassination. I count 1968 as the worst year of my life because of all the riots and the assassinations of RFK and Martin Luther King. It was a year full of sadness and uncertainty for me as an 11 year old rural Oklahoma girl. I don't mean to start a big political whoo-ha. The Kennedy's were undoubtedly flawed in many ways and I don't want to start a love/hate thing here. I just feel sad at the passing of part of my history, I guess and I wanted to share that.
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    hi kate, no worries - thanks for sharing that. i'm sure we all have certain memories that come to the surface now and again. good and bad and its all part of living. its good to share these when they do come up good luck with the cycling, gives you plenty time to think

    actually just watching an interview with him on rte one. if you interested
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