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    Ride report w/ video clip

    On Sunday, I did Spokefest for the second time. This year there were 1,600 cyclists. The ride is 21 miles long. For something different I rode to and from the ride, I was inspired by someone else's post here the other day. The ride was uneventful for me, no close calls, no aches, just fun. I did see one person fall flat on her face. I didn't see the cause, she seemed to be clear of everyone and just went down. As I was riding up to her she said she was fine. I saw another lady go off the paved path and into the loose gravel. I thought for sure she was going to fall. She rode out of the gravel and up a 3" inch lip back onto the pavement. I rode up along side her and told her "Nice save" and she replied "thanks" with a big grin.

    The day was great started at about 60 and ened around 80 by the time I got home. One thing that was improved this year was the start. This year it was in a different location with more room to spread out and they had three catagories 1) Yellow or I eat on my bike 2) green or I need to pump up my tires everytime I want to ride and 3) orange I'm lookng forward to the experince of riding my bike.

    I started at the start of group two, I should have been group 1. I wasn't intending to ride fast and had friends I was riding iwith. But, for the first mile or so I passed a bunch of people either I was fast or they were slow, maybe I was n the right group and they were in the wrong group come to think of it

    I posted pics from last years ride showing the scenery. This year I took more photos of the crowd. I found a newsreport of the ride and it shows the crowd better than my photos.

    News video
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