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    Pre and Post Ride Gross-outs

    As I drove to the trailhead for yesterday's 52 mile ride into Philadelphia and back I heard on the radio about a local man winning a contest. However, the contest he won was a gross-out. The man is a 'professional competitive eater.' 33 burritos in ten minutes went down his gullet for 1500 dollars..

    While relaxing after the ride, I stumbled on a television program titled Man Vs. Food. The Clyde-sized host, while assuring us he's not a "competitive eater", consumed at various locations such dainty viands as three pounds of chili cheese fries, enormous burgers, and a 72 oz steak "as big as a bicycle seat." The latter item was part of a contest; the person who ate the steak, salad, shrimp cocktail, and potato in an hour got his meal for free. The host won, if you can call that winning. I saw the disgusting spectacle to the end, drawn to the gluttony as one might stare at a train wreck.

    Somehow, even though I didn't win 1500 dollars yesterday, or received my meal for free, or hosted a television program, I think I'm better off than either of these gentlemen. I rode my bike 52 miles and didn't eat to excess.

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    What really makes it stand out is that at 4oz each, he ate 7 1/2 pounds of food in 10 minutes.
    My stomach hurts just thinking about that.

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    And I'm betting you could find chronically hungry people somewhere within a five-mile radius of that contest...

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