Today , I was not really in the mood to ride, but I needed to put miles in before next week metric. I decided on a 40 mile or so route that I was not going to hammer out. That changed about a half mile into the ride. I saw another cyclist pull out from one of the side streets, so I thought I might just catch up with him a maybe say Hi or something. As we rounded the corner I swung wide to pull even with him. He looked back to see me and started to speed up like he did not want me to pass him. Evidently the thought of a 190 pound rider on a 24 pound plus cross bike with commuter tires on it passing him would have bruised his little ego. So, I just tucked in again and watched as he pumped away to keep ahead of me. We started going up hill and he started standing on the pedals while I sat in my seat and spun the hill. Of course when we started down hill, we were in my territory, I made up what distance that he had gained on me. I kept up with him until I needed to make my turn off. I was good and warmed up now with my juices flowing, so now I was in hammer mode for the rest of the ride. Which was good because the next 20 miles was nothing but nasty head winds. The tail wind though on the way back was a blast, so it was worth the work. I was beat, but it was fun to know that I had made the little guy (read 130-140 pounds) work to stay in front of me for a couple of miles.