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    Saturday Ride: Fat Tire Memorial Tour

    Mrs Zoxe and I made a trip to Lake Geneva Wisconsin this weekend to ride in the Fat Tire Memorial Tour with my brother and his wife.

    This is essentially a poke run between various watering holes (bars) around the lake. Total distance was only ~20 miles but some of the hills were pretty brutal and we ended up walking a couple of them. The event started at 10am with a hog roast afterwards. Lots of folks zipped through it at "normal speed" but many made a full day of it and enjoyed the offerings of that particular stop (i.e. beer!).

    This was a great ride for Clydes of all skill levels since the rest stops were frequent. (All places had water, sandwiches, and such ... lots of folks ignored the booze).

    These pics are small but had to share. Saturday was cool but it turned out to be a great day for riding.

    The scene as we approached the 2nd rest stop. Half of the participants went clockwise around the lake, the rest went ccw.

    Local law enforcement helping keep things sane. Lots of the men in blue were around the entire route. Although there were many adult beverages being consumed, I didn't personally see anyone getting out of hand, or anyone on bikes that shouldn't be.

    The third stop on the south side of the lake.

    There were quite a few cruiser bikes and a handful of people in costume, plus the occasional oddity like this.

    The halfway point where we met the bulk of the other half of the riders. We ate lunch at a picnic table on this lawn with a good view of the lake.

    We had a blast and are already planning on hitting it next year.

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    Looks pretty cool!

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