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    Any of you riding folders ?

    Hello everybody.
    This is my 1st post in this section where I will be posting for at least 2 years (if things don't improve ).
    So I am a 242 pounds(110 kg) down from 300 pounds (136Kg) bike rider and folder owner. I have some problems with my folder due to the fact that it is built for 105 kg. Actually my back wheel spokes are causing flats whenever I ride it .. like every 200m .. that's why I switched back to my MTB. I had several broken spokes and these are very difficult to find (ask any Dahon owner).
    The folder is a Dahon D7HG the 2008 model. I actually like how it feels and it is faster then my MTB.
    As I am loosing weight I hope to be able to ride it again in 1 month but I do not want to destroy the wheel.
    What is your advice ?

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    I have several Dahons. Technically I'm not a Clyde but all mine have a rack on them and I'm notorious for taking long rides with a lot of gear.

    Anyway the max weight for the Dahons is usually around 230 or so on most models. I personally believe that's just a legal statement for self protection for Dahon and believe me they aren't the only ones who do this.

    Anyway 240 ain't a long way from 230. I'd more suspect your wheel isn't true. Take it to the bike shop and have them true and tension it.

    And yes, you're right......Dahon parts are hard to come by. I think you can get spokes from ThorUSA. I know you can buy new wheels from Dahon.

    I doubt it's you.


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