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    My Visit to the shop for Wheel parts

    Well, I need to rebuild my rear wheel after 22000 miles so I ordered a Deep V via Jenson USA. Sucker came in so I hit up the shop. After I hit up Comp Edge in Rancho to pick up some spokes from my buddy Mark, only dude I trust with my bikes I got the people involved in the pics and video. Heck, they're always behind the scenes so I figured I'd get them some recognition with the lens! Hahaha...Mark is a crack up but a great dude! He's the clyde racer that introduced me to the Allmighty Deep V about 10 years ago!

    My parts, Deep V, spokes and nipples. Now I get the fun of putting them all together.

    First I had to hit up Jenson USA forthe rim. I've met Steve before and had some pretty good ride talk with the guy. Prolly doesn't 'memeber me, but who does!

    I met the gal behind the counter when I ordered the rim. I won't use her name as protection from some of you forum stockers! But I will say she is a member of another forum.

    The two! Steve getting back in the picture. If you can't view the video, he demanded more air time haha!

    Then it was off to Comp Edge in Rancho to see my trustworthy friend Mark. Guy cracks me up everytime!

    Now the video! I know my singing sucks but it's part of the trip, so I do it!

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    I'm not sure if I should be bummed or relieved that my at work filters are blocking pics and video, lol.

    I'll hit them up tomorow.

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