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    Low gears and 400lbs

    I weigh only 300lbs yet I can't loose the weight... infact the only way I ever lost any fat was to eat large amounts of slaw with out the fat. Unfortunaly my teeth have ratted away from too much sugar and not brushing so I had them removed and no longer chew salad.

    Shreded carrots, daikon radish, and napa cabage... dressed with sherry wine vinegar and powderd fennel. Mouth watering and no fat! fat goes directly to storage.

    Well I know a man heavyer than I am and is in better shape becaouse he races bike....
    I killed my car a dozen years ago and keep my self alive by commuting by pedal power, no motor.

    I can climb very steep hills on my trike with a combined weight of 400lbs. Read my blog.

    my trikle needed stronger wheels and tires:
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