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    Recumbent bike for 500lbs?

    My husband has a love of roller blading and he is going to order his new skates to get back into it and get back into shape. I myself hate skating (and honestly I think it would be a bad choice for me to try at this weight) but I've always loved biking. In the coming months at some point I'm going to have the gastric bypass, but in the meantime I would like to find a recumbent bike that can support me at nearly 500lbs. This is probably a lot to ask for. I have looked at the PAV but I was hoping to find something that might hold me and be able to go the distance as I lose the weight and will inevitably want to go faster and farther. Is there such a bike? I'm not going to say there is a price limit, because when it comes to health I don't think such a thing should exist, but I'm trying to stick to around $1000. Don't hesitate to point me in the right direction if there is a bike that exists and is more expensive though, I need all the help I can get with this.

    Thank you ahead of time.

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    I don't know about recumbent bikes, but I've got a Sun EZ-Tad SX recumbent trike that's held up with me (peak wt was about 450) plus 20-25 lbs of added gear (tubes, lights, tools, pump, etc.). Sun's web site ( lists the weight limit at 300 pounds, but at my LBS they told me the only thing they had any concern about was the wheeels, and they've held up just fine. One thing I found while trying to find a current price is that apparently Sun's redesigned the steering since I got mine; says it's so bad they won't stock it until Sun fixes the problems with it, and that it's unsafe over 10-15 mph. Mine's got the older, indirect steering and felt fine at 30+ mph. Maybe you could find a 2007 or older model on Craigslist or eBay?
    - Bob
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