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Thread: Maiden voyage!

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    Maiden voyage!

    Well, I took my first ride today, after about a four to five year lapse, and a good bit of gained weight and pulled out a decent 7.5 miles. It took roughly about an hour to complete, with two five minute rests and this was for sure needed seeing that there were some steep hilled sections, ALOT more than I expected, haha (might have been too much for just starting out). The first "battle scars" came on the first ride as well; the seatpost started to sag toward the end of the ride, rubbing off the "r" in ssr at the top of the seatpost, and the "a" in shimano on the crank is slightly brazed off by a bump that sent my foot off the pedal. Well, unfortunately I have no pictures of the new ride yet. But, I purchased a new Trek 6700 Disc and replaced the seat with a WTB Pure V SLT and the pedals with Speedplay Drilliums.
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    Welcome back to cycling. Just remember to keep the rides to a distance where it enjoyable to ride.
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