Well I'm just about to where I want to be with my bike. I got my saddle bag and my emergency tool kit (spare tube, multi-tool, patches, tire levers, and 2 CO2s and a nozzle) which I will hopefully never have to use, since I'm not really sure how to change a flat.
I took all the reflectors, stickers and junk off the bike and washed it yesterday. I have my Cateye Wireless computer on too.
Last week I got some nice Specialized road shoes at a LBS that I will be frequenting more often, and today my clipless pedals (Shimano R540s) finally came. I got those on and it's so nice to finally not have to worry about where my feet are resting. I had trouble with the cages and straps that came with the bike since my shoes are so big (size 14) and after I took them off my shoes would slide around on the pedals. Now they just stay put. I just have to remember that I'm clipped in before I stop.
I wanted to do Bike MS this year since my mother has MS. I was going to do the 50 miles rides on Sat. and Sun. but I slacked off on training and didn't start fundraising early enough, so I'll just train for next year and hopefully do the century ride. I'm going to see about doing some other local rides this summer.
I just wanted to share, since my wife isn't so interested all of the time.