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    What type of fit photos to take? Help me help you to help me :)

    Hello fellow Athenas and Clydes,

    I'm hoping to get a bit of your help. I am after some advice on fit of my current bike. I have fears that it may be too large for me. I've seen cases in the Road Forum of people posting pictures of themselves on the bike on a trainer which would receive helpful advice on bike fit. I'm hoping to do a similar thing, but I am thinking the folks around here would be a bit more friendly to an Athena posting photos.

    So, what photos of me in which positions (har har) would be useful? e.g. drops, hoods, cranks vertical and horizontal.
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    Side, in riding position from both sides, with the exposed leg at full extension and a shot concentrating on the upper body position from both sides so we can see your stretch necessary to reach the handlebars, and a pic showing your saddle angle, as well as a description of any discomfort you are feeling.

    Also, a pic from the front so we can see the width of the crank and estimate the Q, based on knees vs ankle position.
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    Thanks for asking - and for the speedy answer! My bike has been making me a bit sore since I got it, and I talked a friend into taking some photos ( this hasn't happened yet ), so it's great to see the answer before I even had to ask the question!

    Does it matter whether the photos are on a trainer, or on the street or trail, where people ride it?

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