If there are any clydes in the St. Louis area who want to ride or have room in their group for another person, please let me know. I'm a 23 yo m, 250 or so lbs, and about 6'1" riding an '06 Allez triple. I recently moved to stl and prefer to ride with another person or group. I live in Dogtown and ride 12 to 25ish miles in Forest Park 4 or 5 times a week. I like to push myself and usually average around 16 mph including city riding and the connecting stretch of mup, and it's a pretty hilly route. I usually have a max around 30.

I'm getting back into serious riding now that I have a regular schedule. Before getting my new job in St. Louis, I was in Las Vegas doing an AmeriCorps program where I would camp for 4 to 8 days in a row then have 3 to 6 days off, during which I usually traveled. So, not much time for riding, though I did the Red Rock loop a few times, which is beautiful and a sufferfest for a big, out of shape rider (the first 6 or so miles are uphill).

Hopefully once I get a few paychecks under and a few more notches in my belt I will be upgrading. Possibly Lynskey Cooper or R230?