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    Sunday's Ride - 2nd Highest Point in a Cornfield w/pics

    Yesterday my riding bud Jarvis and I set out to climb Williams Hill, the 2nd highest point in Illinois. I know, for a state that is mostly corn fields, this ain't much, but it was still a solid three mile climb to 1066 ft. This ride started at the post office in Herod, IL (popl. ??? maybe 20???) and at the 1/2 mile mark started a constant ascent for the next 3 1/2 miles to the top.

    Riding partner Jarvis, who is almost a decade younger then me and 100# lighter, hit the top first, and in an act of kindness, and an attempt to make sure that I was OK, rode back down about a third of the hill to check on me and then turned around and blurred out of sight again to the top (I hate it when he does that!)

    The ride ended with an awesome 7 mile gravel rode loop along the ridge with some nice vistas and then a gravel coated, tire sliding descent. Great day. I love the hills, they are so addictive.

    I took some pics (as usual). When we got done with the ride, we went to an area called "Garden of the Gods" (the Illinois one) and did a hike and climb. I will post the hike pics on another thread.

    The stats

    The climb starts .....NOW!

    This is usually my view when I ride with this guy

    Miles of gravel

    That be the hill we just climbed.

    I love the gravel

    We had this view for miles along the ridge top.

    Feeling the love from this ride

    Jarvis on a screaming downhill

    Good Buddies Hey! It's What I Do

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    That's an impressive climb. It's a third of PA's highest peak, Mount Davis. Congratulations!

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