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    A Climbing Clyde and his Monkey Friend - Garden of the Gods

    After the Williams Hill ride yesterday, the biking bud and I did a Hike & Climb of an area called "Garden of the Gods" (the one in Illinois). This area is listed in a nationally published book called "1000 places to visit before you die".

    I was surprised at the energy that we had after the ride. The day turned out beautiful, with white puffy clouds, a light breeze, azure blue sky and temps in the upper 70's.

    Here are some pics.

    Camel Rock

    Super Clyde

    My bud Jarvis (or Monkey Boy, as you will see in the following pics)

    A Climbing Clyde

    My buddy just runs up the rocks (he is nuts)

    He is about 50 ft. in the air suspended between the big rock and the "Devils Tower"

    If you look closely, you will see the he is actually suspended by his hands. His feet are about 10 feet of the rock below.

    Monkey Boy

    A portrait of my bud

    The artsy sun shot Hey! It's What I Do

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    Wow, that is some nice ground!..That Super Clyde dude kind of resembles Gabe in Cliff Hanger!

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    I HATE people like Monkey Boy. People RAN down Pole Steeple two weeks ago while I had to use poles. :-(

    Nice photos.

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