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    Road bike: How heavy is too heavy?

    Question for you weight aware folks on the forum.

    I would like to know, even though it will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer; what kind of weight limits would apply to a road bike? The bike in question is an 2005 Argon18 Radon (Alu frame, carbon seat- and chainstays + carbon fork) and current weight is 297lb (135.Xkg).

    I will be replacing my wheels but I guess it's no use if I can't ride the frame. It's hard to gauge as I've seen bigger guys than me on full carbon frames on wheels with 20-24h. For the moment I am slogging it out on my Trek hardtail MTB, but I truly miss the road bike.

    I've contacted Argon18 via the website and the major distributor here in Australia (FRF Sports) but still awaiting a response.

    edit: wheels will be some sort of custom build. Looking at:

    Ultegra 6600 hubs, DT RR465 Rims, brass nipples, DT Champion spokes, minimum 32h.
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    When I was 345 lbs. I got tired of broken spokes. I had some tandem type wheels built for my road bike: 48 spoke Phil Wood hubs, 135 mm rear axle, Mavic rims. I never broke a spoke or had any trouble with them. My weight is now down to 260, but I still like those wheels. I can also use my older 40 spoke Sun Tour hub wheels, but they have freewheels and no one seems to make 8 spd. freewheels these days so my new wheels all have freehubs. These days I am using the White Industries MI5 hubs. They are available in 40 hole and seem to be pretty good, for $100 less than the Phil Wood.

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