Back at the end of June I rode 207 mile over the course of 2 days and the last 50 miles I was in excruciating knee pain (I know I still owe a ride report, hopefully I will get to it this week). It got to a point where I could not pedal with my right leg and I found myseld unclipping and just pedaling with the left for a while. It was a charity ride and I was not quitting which is why a pushed through the pain. After the ride I stayed off the bike for a week or two before getting back on and then when riding again after about 6 or 7 miles the knee pain returned although not as bad but it still hurt to pedal. Stretched, etc. and knee pain was still there. Broke down and went to see the doctor. Apparently many years ago I sprained my PCL in that knee and my shin bone ain't connected to my thigh bone the way it should be(misaligned a wee bit). That along with the 207 miles of riding must have inflammed something so I was told to take it easy and strengthen my quad in that leg. I had talked to a guy that trained and ran a marathon and in which he did something to his achilles and he lost the desire for running. I was worried I would lose the desire for riding if the knee pain did not go away. Have been off the bike for about 4 weeks and decided today it was time to give it another go. Needless to say after 20 hilley miles I have no knee pain and I have not lost me desire to ride. That being I said I did put off entering other rides I was going to do this year like the Philly Grand Fondo, the Philly Livestrong, the Univest Cylclosportif and I just missed the entry deadline to join a team for the MS 150. Better off I do not push it to far too soon. Just glad to be riding again!!!!!