Wed 11/10...Back up on GMR to Peacock Saddle (15 miles up). I built up my rear wheel about 3 weeks agao and haven't had a chance to ride it. What better way to test it than GMR? Worked great, I'm still alive. If you ever want to know how well tuned your bike is, ride it up GMR. I hear noises from the bike that I can't/don't hear on the trail.

Met up with some dude Alex on his way to the village training for the Tour De Foothills. Hillbasher was s'posed to ride but worked late so he missed out on the fun. He did show up a little late in his vehicle, right I was about 2 miles from the finish of the ride. We had a good time talking about the forum ride and events. I felt pretty good and didn't really feel like stopping but I had to do some posing and take a few pics of my "Mr. Beans Mobile" haha!

Support vehicle, Hillbasher style!